a -iS.O.D $310!
Please take the time to scroll down and read the open letter from Joe.

Players Park-$750 CASH BBJ!
CASH for quality hands!
Mikey's-EVERYONE is a $5 CASH Bounty!
BBJ! CASH for quality hands!

Mike-262-939-5018-- Wayne 773-450-3625
Pat 224-440-4696 Sara-414-614-1557
Tim Mowery 262-492-0196
Hello everyone, this is one of the hardest things I have had to ask for in my lifetime,
but I have to put my pride aside and ask.
First I will tell you my story and I apologize
because I know that there are tons more people out there sicker
or in need than I am and I also know that I at least have a roof over my head.
In 2010 the Doctors found a Tumor on my brain,
after a year and a half of medicines, Cyberknife Therapy and Chemotherapy
the Doctors determined the only plan was to remove the Tumor.
One week later I was hospitalized with Seizures.
I went two years without a seizure; in March of this year
I started having multiple seizures a day.
March 14th I had a Doctors appointment and was immediately hospitalized
because the seizures I had were life threatening. I was given
Three radical medicines as treatment and I am still on them today.
While in the hospital, they did an MRI and found a second Tumor.
What they also found is the Tumor is surrounded by radiation damage (RadioNecrosis),
so they are currently trying to cure the damage with Chemotherapy. I have had my 5th chemo
and during that time I have developed Tremors.
Because of these medical issues my two Doctors will not release me back to work
until they do another MRI in August, which still does not guarantee I will go back even then.
What I am asking for is donations from anyone. I do not have any income.
I have not received any income since March. I rely on my family,
but I believe they are tapped out. I will not use this frivolously,
I will use this for med. ins., truck ins., prescriptions, over the counter meds and other toiletries.
I get to go to the food pantry once a month.
I qualify for $6 (six) a month on the food share, however I do not qualify for the medical coverage.
I am not going to guilt you into donating by saying anything sappy,
you can donate if you want to. If you do can private message me. Thank you.
Take care, Joe Metello
OK Poker peeps--this is where we shine! There will be a charity
event in the near future. We will also be accepting donations with a
Chip reward every night at cards. YOU will receive a 1000 chip for
every dollar you donate-MAKE sure you sign the donation sheet
100% goes to JOE!
It's your Birthday?!
Play anytime 1 week before or after your Birthday.
Please let a TD know so we can post it for you
We do ask that you have been an active player
the week before you celebrate
Bad Beat Jackpots:
Players Park South-$750*
Players Park BBJ-paid in CASH!!*
Donovan's Reef-$92*
*Players Park, Donovan's & Mikey's
are PAYING CASH for quality hands!!
Royal Flush using both cards $50! Using 1 card $25!
Straight flush using 2 $25! Using 1 $10!
4 of a kind using 2 $15! Using 1 FREE DRINK!
Must be called on river
Bad Beat is Aces full of Jacks OR Better
What's Happening:

Marina-Pizza and Dessert BOUNTIES!
Home Again-12 rounds $50 Added!
FREE shots for the house on EVERY Round!
Players Park South- BBJ PAID in CASH!
Secret Bounties! Quality Hand bonus!
Birchwood Grill-12 rounds $50 added!

Upper Deck-Shot Specials!
Mikey's-Everyone is a $5 Bounty! BBJ!
CASH for Quality hands!
Grandview Inn-
World reknown cuisine!
Goodfella's-$2.50 Domestic bottles!
Donovans-BBJ! Quality Hand payouts
$25 secret Bounty for every 8 players!
Hawg Heaven $1 Taco night! Karaoke After cards!
$5 Added for every round!
AWESOME new tables!

*BBJ Totals are subject to change

poker leagues,* play live texas hold em, free poker,

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